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Our Story

You take every step to make sure your kids grow up in a healthy environment: you buy organic foods, you make sure they wash their hands after playing outside, you give them the best education, but what about the clothing they wear every day? The fabrics and materials that touch their skin and are absorbed into their body?

‘‘pure, playful, mindful.’’

At KIDENTIAL we believe anything essential for kids, should be worthy of their childhood. That is why, our motto is ‘‘pure, playful, mindful’’.

Pure, because our textiles are 100% organic; our production line 100% transparent; our apparels crafted 100% environmentally conscious. For us, sustainability is synonymous with quality. We use no chemicals at any stage of our production: from manufacturing of our fabrics to dying and washing we are pesticide and fertilizer free. Our apparels protect babies and children from eczema and other skin diseases and keep kids comfortable all day long. Our passionate founders oversee every process from picking cotton to the finished products to ensure quality and purity.

Playful, because our textiles represent every colour of the rainbow. Here at KIDENTIAL, we know just like seasons childhood passes fast, but colours are forever. That is why our goods are made to be shared boys and girls alike and be passed down generations. The bonds and memories KIDENTIAL creates will always be there to cheer you up.

Mindful, because we approach our craftsmanship with a ‘kids first’ philosophy. our highest quality textiles are made from the longest lasting fabrics good for the planet. Although, comfort and fit are priorities in our craftsmanship, more essential to us, is that no cloth ever overshadows the personality, mood or creativity of your kids. That is why our garments bear no brands, marks or advertisement. Since being a parent is economically costly as it is, we offer the best value possible for our top quality. Our prices are affordable, always under $25.

At KIDENTIAL every apparel we craft will become a staple in your kid’s wardrobe and serve, last and resonate your kid’s pure, playful and mindful childhood long after they have grown up.

Kidential, a women-owned business is a 100% certified organic cotton kids and baby clothing brand. Our mission is to support sustainability while offering the highest quality clothing at the sharpest prices. That’s why our passionate founder ensures purity and quality by overseeing every process in our manufacturing operations from picking the cotton to finishing the product. As a vertical company, we are able to offer the best prices for 100% certified organic cotton clothing that is completely free of pesticides and fertilizers, protecting kid’s and baby’s skin from irritating skin conditions. We strive to give new meaning to basics through thoughtful consideration of design details that provide comfort and solutions: Magnet closures on our baby items simplify diaper changes and eliminate the need to pull items over baby’s heads, while wide neck openings make it easier for children to dress themselves. For comfort, there no tags or labels on our clothes; and for fun, our products are offered in 17 bright, playful colors. All of our packaging is recycled—we don’t use poly bags—and the inside of our boxes double as fun coloring activities.

“The future starts with our kids. We have to change the way we do business, the way we produce, the way we treat our planet. Fast fashion is not the answer anymore. We’re in overconsumption mode and we need to simplify.” -Tules Yegin, Founder