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Privacy Policy

Kidential LLC will always respect your privacy and takes care to handle your personal information with utmost care. When you use our services privacy sensitive information will be asked of you. Kidential LLC uses a secured system for your safety.

Use of your personal information

We use the information you provide us with to optimise our services to you. We will only ask that information that is needed to complete our commitment to you and only do this with your express permission. We do not sell your information to third parties. We do reserve the right to hand your information to the relevant authorities when we are confronted with fraud and/or other illegal activities.

Cookies and Social Media Buttons

Our platform uses cookies and social media buttons. Our partners do also use cookies to help us help you. When you first visit our site a cookie-pop-up will open, explaining our use of cookies. Continued use of our platform and/or services will be seen as acquiescence with our cookie policy. Third parties using cookies on our platform and applications do so under our guidelines and their privacy policies can be found on their websites (beware: like ours, these are subject to unilateral changes).

Register an Account

Kidential LLC uses the information you provide to complete our commitment to you. We ask your name, adres, email, payment information and other relevant information and will communicate the progress of your order to you. Your information will be stored on Google cloud.

Terminate your Account

If you wish to terminate your account you can easily do so by writing an email to our customer support service.


Kidential LLC reserves the right to remove (abusive) reviews from our site and related platforms.

Your Order

Completing your order will involve a number of third parties. These have been carefully selected by Kidential LLC.

Ads and Newsletter

You can sign up for the Kidential newsletter on our website. Kidential uses the information you provide us with to send you targeted mails and/or our newsletter. With your permission we use your information to keep you up to date on special offers, campaigns and other news. You can sign out of this service by sending an email to our customer support.


Kidential LLC only uses your information for our own purposes (to help you efficiently). We do not publish your information unless you give us express permission (for example by publishing your name with a review on our platform).

Third Party Users

Your information will not be sold to third parties for commercial purposes. Third parties will have access to our systems and databases to maintain, update or improve them. Third parties do not have permission to use your information for anything else than what you have give us licence for. Other than that your information will only be provided to third parties in as far as they are needed to complete your order.


Kidential LLC does not accept any responsibility for misuse or abuse of our systems and data by third parties or their employees.


Kidential LLC uses analytical tools such as Google Analytics to optimally help our visitors and to improve our offering. Your information will be analysed anonymously.

Data and Profile Storage

Kidential LLC maintains an open data storage policy: you can ask to be removed from our database by sending an email to our customer support.

Changes in Kidential LLC Privacy

We reserve the right to change our privacy policy unilaterally.

Your Profile

You can at all times see and change your profile.

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